Digital Whiteboard

Providing the right information, to the right person, right when they need it.

Oneview’s My Stay Overview suite allows you to personalize your health system’s digital whiteboard experience to meet the unique needs of your hospital, patients, and staff.  

“Just in Time” Patient Information

Provide relevant patient information at a glance to patients, family, and caregivers to support Person-Centered Care.

Hands-Off Automatic Updates

Strong integrations with your EMR ensures that the information stays current and is updated in real-time.

A Modality for Every Use Case

Offering several modality options to display data based on the target end users.

Configurable Content

Leveraging our Widget Library hospitals have the ability to customize content based on the modality used and the unit’s specific needs allowing for a personalized experience.

My Stay Overview Tile 

Serves the patient to provide an easily viewable dashboard of key information about their care. Supports patient engagement initiatives as it allows the patient to see key items such as Assigned Education, their schedule for the day and Anticipated Discharge Date. Easily viewable & navigated from the bedside device. 

My Stay Overview Dedicated Board

Serves as an information hub for the patients, families, and staff to replace manual whiteboards in the room. Real time HL7 integration eliminates the task of requiring staff to manually update the board and always ensure 100% completion.

My Stay Overview RTLS pop-up

A great alternative for hospitals who have RTLS systems in place. Can be an accompaniment or alternative to a dedicated board and provides “just in time” information to key care provider roles at the bedside. This information can be customized based on the provider role or situations in the room.

Additonal Features

  • Patient friendly terminology used when displaying things like assigned education or schedule for the day 
  • Night mode is available to reduce stimuli and light pollution
  • Display care team members names and titles to help personalize the care experience
  • Leveraging the Oneview core system, My Stay Overview and Digital Door Sign allows for a consistent, comprehensive experience for patients & staff and allows for a natural flow of information