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Oneview’s Care Experience Platform (CXP) Goes Live at Avive Health, Marking a Milestone with the Opening of Two State-of-the-Art Private Mental Health Hospitals

Melbourne, Australia – [February 22] – Oneview Healthcare, a global leader in patient care technology, proudly announces the successful deployment of its Care Experience Platform (CXP) at Avive Health (“Avive”), with the opening of Avive’s two private mental health hospitals in Brisbane and on the Mornington Peninsula, aimed to reimagine mental health care for Australians. 

Oneview’s CXP is now live for over 123 private mental health inpatient beds across both locations, along with an additional 80 endpoints to support comprehensive patient care and streamline hospital operations. This marks a significant milestone in Avive Health’s commitment to incorporating best-in-class technology from across the globe, to enhance the patient experience and improve operational efficiencies. From access to Avive’s online learning management system through to entertainment and building controls, the CXP is designed to help all patients feel comfortable and well-informed during their hospital stay, both at the bedside and in group therapy programs. 

One of the key highlights of Oneview’s solution is its focus on care team workflows and efficiencies, particularly with the integration of clinical tablets. These tablets serve as indispensable tools for hospital staff, enabling access to the Oneview platform, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and medication management systems on the move. This innovation enhances communication and coordination among care teams, ultimately contributing to more efficient and responsive patient care. 

Nurse rounding, a critical aspect of patient care, is seamlessly supported by Oneview’s CXP. The platform ensures that rounding processes are consistent and safe, promoting a high standard of care for all patients. By utilising the clinical tablets, nurses can carry out their rounds with access to real-time patient information, contributing to better-informed decision-making and improved patient outcomes. 

Avive Health Co-founder and Co-CEO, Greg Procter said the Oneview patient platform at its hospitals differentiated both patient experience, and outcomes. 

“Investment in technology across our business, including in our hospitals is a key point of difference at Avive. Our Oneview patient tablets, particularly in the mental health sector are a game changer that already are supporting improved outcomes, specific to what each of our patients needs.” 

“Our clinical team is able to access and share patient treatment information, complete rounding, capture real-time patient input and adjust care during a hospital stay; whilst our patients have greater control over their environment with lighting, air conditioning, information resources, therapy programs, and streaming platforms – to name just a few,” said Mr Procter. 

“We are thrilled to see the successful implementation of Oneview’s Cloud Enterprise CXP at Avive Health,” said William Hadden, Managing Director of Australia and New Zealand at Oneview Healthcare, “Being cloud based, has allowed us to rapidly deploy our solution, with integrations into Avive’s other clinical systems. The integration of clinical tablets and the CXP not only supports care teams in delivering high-quality, consistent care but also represents a leap forward in our digital healthcare capabilities, helping organisations in Australia comply with the NSQHS standards.” 

Oneview Healthcare is proud to partner with Avive Health in their commitment to advancing patient care through innovative technology. For more information about Oneview’s Care Experience Platform and other healthcare solutions, please visit 


About Oneview Healthcare 

Oneview Healthcare is a global leader in patient care technology, providing innovative solutions to enhance the healthcare experience for patients and healthcare providers. With a focus on delivering intuitive, integrated platforms, Oneview is dedicated to transforming healthcare delivery through the power of technology. 


About Avive Health 

Avive Health is a privately-owned company co-founded by two senior health care executives and a leading psychiatrist with decades of experience in clinical care, hospital design and construction. It embraces the latest health design principles, technology-integrated care and trauma-aware programs aimed to support patient outcomes and experiences. All aspects of the treatment journey are clinician-led from facility design to program offerings, with sophisticated inpatient treatment and therapy, complemented by day programs, outpatient specialist suites and home-based virtual support. 

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