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Founded by a patient, our roots are in patient care

In 2008, Mark McCloskey found himself in a hospital in Dublin, Ireland. While his care team had been wonderful, he was amazed at how little support they had with information sharing, impacting patient satisfaction and managing routine tasks.

Mark was not a healthcare technologist, but his entrepreneurship in the telecoms and financial services industries helped him see the opportunity for thoughtful technology to transform the experience of care and provided the inspiration to establish Oneview Healthcare.

Today, Oneview’s team around the world works tirelessly with our customers and partners to deliver on Mark’s vision. We believe that the thoughtful use of innovative technologies designed and deployed by people passionate about improving patient care can help create a more humane healthcare system.

This might seem counter-intuitive — as technology often means more automation and less human interaction. However, at Oneview, we think differently. We believe that as the healthcare cost-curve continues to move in the wrong direction, clinicians are put under increasing pressure to do more with less. We believe that the compassionate use of technology can lead us back to what matters: people and relationships.

So, while our journey began focusing on the ‘patient experience’, a dozen years of partnering with many of the world’s most discerning hospitals has helped us to understand technology needs to complement everyone involved in delivering world-class care – the patient, their family, and especially their care team.


Founded in Dublin

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Our Principles

The Oneview Principles are the behaviours that are unique to Oneview, that help us articulate who we are, what we believe in, what we aspire to, how we see ourselves and what we expect from each other. They’re ultimately the things we do and say every day with our customers, partners and each other. 


We rely on each other.  We understand that together we make our customers – and their patients and staff – happy and solve problems quickly. We don’t let each other down. 

  • We pitch in 
  • We go the extra mile 
  • We have each other’s backs 
  • We execute with urgency 
  • We find the solution and make it happen 


    We overcome obstacles because we have the right attitude. We focus on the long game and we never give up on each other, our customers, or our goals.

    • We are passionate 
    • We are inclusive 
    • We are welcoming 
    • We are approachable 
    • We are loyal 
    • We are determined 




      We are always striving to improve how we communicate with others. From 1:1 conversations to team meetings, from interns to leaders, from slack to PowerPoint, we turn up for each other. 

      • We keep each other in the loop 
      • We say it as it is 
      • We ask for help 
      • We think before we type 
      • We listen to each other 
        Oneview Healthcare Interactive Patient Engagement platform


        We understand that we are what makes Oneview unique. It’s why we joined and it’s why we stay. We appreciate each other and understand the strengths and value we all bring to our teams, customers, partners and shareholders.

        • Be yourself 
        • We are one team 
        • We are considerate 
        • We celebrate the wins 
        • We value each other’s time 
        • We have fun 
        • We meet up 
        Oneview Healthcare Interactive Patient Engagement platform


        In a world where change is constant, we are always learning, always improving, always innovating.  We aren’t afraid of failure – we know it makes us stronger. 

        • We share knowledge 
        • We think creatively 
        • Mistakes happen – we learn from them 


        This is what you leave behind for your colleagues, customers, partners, and shareholders. 

        • Legacy is how we are remembered. 
        • It’s not one single act 
        • It’s built every day 
        • We make it better 
        • We do right by the customer and patients 
        • We win with dignity and humility 

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