The safest and most accurate way to keep staff informed of patient status

Oneview’s Digital Door Sign integrates directly with your EMR to display up-to-date patient information and room level precautions.

Customizable to the needs of each unit and hospital

Display the patient’s name, preferred language, assigned care team members, precautions, and any relevant information with complete configuration to only display needed information.

Easily identify the needs of each patient

Show one or multiple patients’ information on a single screen outside the room, helping to identify the specific care needs in a single or multi-occupancy room.

Automatic updates with no interaction required from your staff 

Runs on a 10″ tablet mounted in a customized bracket via either PoE or WiFi depending on your facility’s infrastructure and automatically updates information from your EMR for a seamless display.

Adaptable to your hospital’s regulations and ADA compliant

Configure the precautions that are most relevant to the specific unit based on priority with a library of icons and colors that are most familiar to your staff while displayed on a customized ADA-compliant case with room information – including braille.

Completely Customizable

The best way to accurately and safely inform staff and families of patient needs, our digital door sign automatically updates with information from your EMR and is built to your system’s requirements.

Branded interface
Branded interface

Single or Multi-Occupancy Capabilities

Whether it’s for one patient, or multiple patients, the Digital Door Sign dynamically displays content to ensure all care teams and families and up to date wit the latest precautions – eliminating the need for multiple physical signs.


Oneview CEO James Fitter speaks to the The Market Herald

Oneview CEO James Fitter speaks to the The Market Herald

This week, our CEO James Fitter appeared on The Market Herald's Deal Room webcast to discuss the recent funding round and market momentum. “This funding round comes at a time of great opportunity in healthcare, given the acceleration of digitalisation as a result of...

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