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Oneview Healthcare Launches New Virtual Care API in Latest Product Release

Chicago, IL (November 9) – Oneview Healthcare, a leading provider of patient experience solutions, is pleased to announce the latest version of their Care Experience Platform (CXP), featuring the innovative new Virtual Care API, Caregility certification, and other enhancements.

With staffing challenges top of the agenda for healthcare executives, the opportunity for technology to support care model innovation is significant. A survey by AMH Healthcare of Registered Nurses in the United States found nursing career satisfaction has dipped to the lowest point in a decade, and 30% of nurses surveys planned to leave their career due to the pandemic[1].

The new Virtual Care API enables customers to leverage the Oneview patient television for inpatient virtual care, including virtual observation and nursing. Interoperability with leading virtual care platforms allows customers to choose the best solution for their needs.

Having the ability to communicate remotely with patients, means virtual nurses can support their on-floor colleagues, fulfilling non-physical care needs such as admission interviews, patient education and discharge preparation. By off-loading these aspects of patient care, on-floor nurses can focus on physical care and nurturing care that requires face-to-face contact.

“Staffing challenges are top of the agenda for nursing and operational leaders in every healthcare organization we speak to”, commented Niall O’Neill, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Oneview. “Many are considering or planning virtual nursing programs to address staffing shortages and create more sustainable careers for nurses. We have a unique opportunity to be the ‘one view’ for virtual care in the hospital room, and our new Virtual Care API enables our customers to choose the virtual care platform that best meets their needs.”

In addition to the Virtual Care API, the release also includes certification of Caregility’s Care 2.0 platform with Oneview, multi-lingual support for all patients in Oneview’s Cloud Start offering, and usability enhancements for the digital meal ordering app. These enhancements are designed to improve the experience of care for patients, families, and care teams, during hospital stays.

Read more about Oneview’s strategy for supporting virtual care at the bedside.


About Oneview Healthcare

Serving hospitals and healthcare systems, academic medical centers, and pediatric hospitals worldwide, Oneview Healthcare’s Care Experience Platform (CXP) provides a unified set of digital tools in a single bedside solution. Oneview’s CXP connects patients, families and care teams with services, education, and information during hospital stays. Fully automated, integrated, and personalized, hospitals using Oneview positively impact safe and timely discharges while streamlining nursing workflows.

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[1] 2023 Survey of Registered Nurses | AMN Healthcare.