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MyStay Mobile: Meeting Patients Where They Are

This January marked my 10-year anniversary with Oneview Healthcare. During this time, I’ve had the privilege to visit many hospitals, and meet with many wonderful healthcare leaders. The response to our products has been universally positive: “We’d love this for our patients”. The need for innovation is clear, but too often, the cost and complexity of hardware-based solutions means the inpatient experience is deprioritised. We knew we had to find a new solution.

Digitalization in healthcare

Over 90% of Americans own a smartphone[1], and this number continues to rise. In this digital age, we use our smartphones to run our lives. From transportation, to food, to retail, and banking, we have information and control at our fingertips. Patients now expect a seamless, digital experience during their hospital stay, similar to the convenience they enjoy in their everyday lives.

Outdated patient experiences, overworked nurses

Despite advancements in clinical technology, hospital stays can often feel outdated. Tasks like ordering meals, requesting services, and accessing patient education often involve phone calls, paper forms, and reliance on nurses . This not only leads to a frustrating experience for patients but also adds to the workload of already overworked nurses.

A new solution

MyStay Mobile is our answer to this problem. It brings the power of our Care Experience Platform, proven at scale with of 3 of America’s Best Hospitals, to patients’ own devices.

With MyStay Mobile, patients can access information about their hospital stay, order meals, request non-clinical services, watch movies and relaxation content, and provide real-time feedback, all from their own mobile devices. This empowers patients to self-serve, reducing interruptions for nursing staff and increasing patient satisfaction.

Better for patients and hospitals

For patients, MyStay Mobile offers control and convenience. They can manage their stay, access learning content about their condition, treatment, and recovery, and provide feedback on their experience. This not only increases patient satisfaction but also contributes to better health outcomes.

For hospitals, MyStay Mobile is a cost-effective solution that requires no capital investment or access to patient rooms to implement. This means a saving of thousands of dollars per room on hardware implementation, and avoidance of room closures.

Powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud, and with out-of-the-box integration with Cerner, Epic, Meditech and dozens of hospital systems, MyStay Mobile can be implemented in a matter of weeks, without stretching scarce IT resources.

Looking to the future

I’m so proud of the team that has risen to the challenge and found a new solution that can finally deliver the experience that patients expect and deserve: in a way that is cost-effective and accessible for more healthcare organizations. Our product team is happy to be spending less time thinking about hardware, and more time thinking about what new innovations we can deliver with MyStay Mobile!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to change the game with MyStay Mobile!