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From Concept to Reality: The Technical Journey of MyStay Mobile

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our latest product, MyStay Mobile. In the era of digital transformation, innovation in healthcare technology is paramount to enhancing patient care and streamlining hospital operations. With this ethos in mind, we are thrilled to introduce our latest offering, MyStay Mobile – a groundbreaking BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution that gives hospitals another option to deliver valuable patient engagement services to their patients and to ease the burden on staff.  

Do you feel uneasy about downloading an app on your phone that you’ll only use for a short period of time? Most people are only in hospital for a few days, which is why this solution has been delivered as a web application. Easy registration and an intuitive user interface were key functional design criteria for MyStay Mobile, in addition to accessibility, localization and screen reader support. To fulfill all of this criteria, we’ve crafted MyStay Mobile as a web application that runs on the Azure cloud and is accessible from the hospital network and cellular networks, ensuring seamless access without the need for additional downloads.

On the technical side, security and data privacy were top of mind for our team, they have worked hard to ensure this solution is as secure as it can possibly be. MyStay Mobile was developed within our S-SDLC (Secure Software Development LifeCycle), following industry best practices and the requirements of ISO 27001 & ISO 27701. Just like our other solutions, MyStay Mobile has been successfully penetration tested by an independent 3rd party cybersecurity consultancy.  

From an architecture perspective, MyStay Mobile is a cloud hosted, Software-as-a-Service solution. It has been built on top of our extensive set of application services and integrations, leveraging the existing capabilities of our Care Experience Platform. The user interface is developed as a set of micro web apps that are presented to patients as a single web application. These micro-apps are independently deployable as containers to the Azure cloud, ensuring the solution can be scaled and evolved over time to meet future needs. This architecture not only ensures unparalleled flexibility but also lays the groundwork for continuous evolution to meet the dynamic needs of modern healthcare. 

We see the future of healthcare technology changing – MyStay Mobile breaks the usual limits of how patients interact, making hospitals more effective and empowering. It’s designed with users in mind, keeps data super safe, and uses the latest tech. MyStay Mobile is a big change in healthcare tech, focusing on making patients happy and hospitals run smoothly. 


Want to learn more about MyStay Mobile? Watch the panel discussion from our team or set up a time to answer your questions.