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Strategy Roadmap: 7 Steps to Optimizing the Care Experience for Patients, Families and Staff

Since the 2000’s, the healthcare industry has embraced digital technologies in every facet of the healthcare journey. The Patient Experience is no exception. Due to the challenges faced during the pandemic and subsequent nursing shortages, the desire to automate tasks, measure patient satisfaction and elevate the overall patient experience has necessitated the exploration of new digital, Patient Experience (PX) platforms. The PX platforms of today are more than just entertainment outlets. They facilitate communication between the service providers and the patients and their families, automate tasks such as meal ordering and streamline workflows of already busy Nursing staff and provide more impactful patient education.

But with the increasing workload of hospital employees, wading through countless vendor proposals isn’t practical, and it can be hard to know where to start.

This report will therefore be a guide to:

  • Streamline and planning the effort
  • Gather the right team members and resources
  • Establish clear, achievable goals
  • Simplify IT and clinical workflow
  • Assure successful deployment and long-term utilization

Download the white paper today: