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Utilising the Power of Generative AI – Insights from Our Oneview Hackathon

For our team, innovation is not just a buzzword, it’s a necessity. It’s how we solve problems, how we explore new ideas and ensure efficiency, and it’s how we grow and scale. And for our customers, innovation is not just a desire, it’s an expectation. It’s what they expect from our new features, from improvements to existing products, and for how we support them. 

Hackathons are an important part of how we like to dedicate time to finding new innovations that can change how we work, that can identify new initiatives for our roadmap, and can even shake out some new ideas that we can adapt. They’re also just a lot of fun. For our most recent hackathon, we decided to focus on exploring the potential of generative AI. 

Generative AI is something we have been working to embrace in Oneview over the past year, from engaging with our partners in Microsoft to educate our staff, to utilizing some of their Copilot products to enhance our output; with GitHub Copilot contributing up to 60% of our generated code on some recent projects.  However, for this hackathon, we wanted to explore broader potentials, such as how we can enhance inpatient and outpatient experiences, how we can assist care teams and how we can assist our Oneview teams. 

Our hackathon is always open to members from all Oneview teams, not just our engineers. This ensures that our hackathon teams represent as many functions and backgrounds as possible. As a result of the diverse range of skills, experience, and ideas that came from those teams, we saw some very exciting uses of generative AI enabled by the Azure OpenAI service.  

While we will keep the full details of the projects to ourselves for now, our teams discovered multiple ways to leverage AI-driven chatbots to streamline internal sales, integration implementations, and internal ops & people ops interactions.  

We also saw some teams showing us how we can utilize generative AI to produce content to better enhance patient and clinical team’s experiences using Oneview platform. 

What truly made this hackathon a success was the collaborative spirit and innovative mindset demonstrated by our people. Diverse skill sets and perspectives coming together to foster an environment where creativity flourished. Among the valuable aspects of generative AI, is the fact that it provides more time for our skilled people to be creative with how they work and solve problems. 

As we reflect on the outcomes of this hackathon, it’s evident that the possibilities presented by generative AI within Oneview are vast and promising. The insights gained during this event serve as a springboard for further research, development, and implementation of innovative solutions. As we continue forward in our mission to harness the power of generative AI we’re excited to see the value it can bring to our mission to enhance patient and clinical experiences globally. 

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