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Health Times: How Nurses are Tapping into Smart Bedside Solutions

This is an excerpt from an article in the Health Times. To view the full text, please visit the Health Times website.

by Karen Keast
20 July 2017

At Epworth Eastern, nurses are using an innovative Point Of Care (POC) bedside system to access patients’ pathology results, streamline discharge processes, and provide patient education.

This Oneview Healthcare technological solution, introduced several years ago at Epworth Eastern, is optimising patient engagement, clinical outcomes and workflow efficiencies.

It’s been such a success, the system has been rolled out to thousands of bedsides spanning all Epworth campuses of Victoria’s largest not-for-profit private health care group.

The technology not only provides a range of entertainment, health care education and information services for patients, it also provides clinical staff with access to a range of applications, from electronic prescribing and administration to electronic nurse rounding, managing room cleaning services and electronic meal ordering.

The system uses 22 inch Cybernet terminals at the patient bedside which are linked to nurse station locations. Clinical staff log on to the bedside terminals using thumb print recognition technology.


To read more, please visit the Health Times website.