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Demystifying the inpatient experience for personalized care

Even without a pandemic, there is a pressing need for connecting isolated patients when care teams and the patient do not share the same primary language, or hearing-challenged patients and families need help communicating with the team.

Oneview’s CEO James Fitter wrote for MedCity on the role of technology for demystifying the inpatient experience and for personalizing care.

In the piece he examines:

  • the impact of COVID-19 on patient care, and how bedside technology platforms kept patients, families and care teams connected
  • how technology provides control for patients and families during a time of vulnerability
  • how enabling self-service and automating workflows gives time back to desperately stretched care teams
  • why advances in technology and security are making it easier than ever to deploy bedside technology platforms to support digital transformation and new models of care

You can read the full article on the MedCity website.