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Oneview Healthcare steps up to global COVID-19 challenge

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Faced with the current pandemic, hospitals and healthcare providers are doing everything possible to maximize their staff and resources and provide for patients as efficiently and effectively as possible. Oneview’s technology at the patient bedside has proven invaluable for deploying telehealth solutions in response to the COVID-19 crisis to help minimize contact and keep patients connected to their family and friends at a time when physical visitation is heavily curtailed.

The Oneview system enables healthcare organizations to make use of technology to drive cost efficiencies, improve clinical outcomes, and enhance patient satisfaction, leading to overall excellence in healthcare economics and quality of care. 

With a global headquarters in Dublin, Ireland; a North American headquarters in Chicago, Illinois; and offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, and Dubai, UAE, Oneview is uniquely positioned to deliver the care experiences patients and seniors need. By focusing on the whole person and supporting the entire care team, innovative technology from Oneview unifies systems, data, organizations, and – most importantly – people to improve patient outcomes, quality, and value.

“We are working hard to support hospitals with their telehealth efforts as they care for COVID-19 patients,” said James Fitter, Oneview’s CEO. “Technology in the patient room is uniquely placed to remotely connect patients with their care team, reducing risk for patients and clinicians by minimizing contact and preserving personal protective equipment to help prevent the spread of germs in the hospital, as well as enabling loved ones to visit virtually.”

In response to the crisis, Oneview has launched a cloud-based managed tablet solution, Oneview Cloud for COVID-19, that enables virtual rounds; virtual visitations (allows patients to call friends and family); and a virtual interpretation service. The tablet also provides patients with up-to-date information on COVID-19, as well as education and entertainment content. Other Android applications can be added as required.

This solution is designed for rapid deployment and can be quickly provisioned without any new infrastructure (assuming there is Wi-Fi in place), without on-premise servers, and without Oneview staff needing to come on-site. The company’s technology partners for this solution are Samsung and Microsoft.

“Healthcare organizations are having to rapidly adapt now to ensure they can deploy critical resources where they are needed the most. It’s really important work, and the COVID-19 tablet solution will make a real difference where it’s needed most right now,” says Oneview CEO James Fitter. “The feedback we have been getting from both clinicians and patients at the NYU hospital has been very, very positive. I’m proud of how our team has responded to this crisis, working hard to support our clients and launch the Cloud for COVID-19 solution.”