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Webinar: Journey to the Connected Room: Looking Beyond Virtual Care

Hospital rooms have been undergoing monumental changes in the past 20 years. From infection control to on-demand entertainment, hospitals have been working with new technologies from the floor to the ceiling. Often these technologies come at the intersection of two distinct needs or innovations that, when combined, can also improve patient outcomes and elevate the overall patient experience.

The Connected Patient Room is more than a buzzword at Oneview, we’ve been embracing this vision since 2019! We believe that this connected patient room encourages patients to be involved in their care journey while allowing care teams to ensure everyone is getting top tier care efficiently.

During this interactive webinar, we will share how to leverage technology to enhance the patient’s experience by informing, empowering, and entertaining patients during their stay while leveraging the Oneview platform to provide operational efficiencies to staff.

Learning Objectives:

  •  Understand the multiple elements and levels of the connected patient room
  • Build standards that are key to unlocking operational efficiencies
  • Learn about Oneview’s Immersive Product Development & Design approach


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