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A Demo of the Real Time Health System with Zebra and Oneview Healthcare

Review from Healthcare IT Today

Author: John Lynn

A few months ago, many of you may remember our review of the new medical tablet from Zebra.  It’s a great tablet that’s designed for healthcare’s unique challenges.  While at the HIMSS conference, we were able to see a demo of the tablet in action at the bedside with Zebra’s partner Oneview Healthcare.

In the demo video below, Rikki Jennings, BSN, RN, CPN, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer at Zebra, shares about Zebra’s efforts to enable real time health system and that impact on patient experience.  Plus, she introduces us to Steve Yerkey, Director Solutions Architecture at Oneview Healthcare, who demonstrates the Zebra tablet being used with Oneview Healthcare’s bedside software to create a great patient experience.

Yerkey demonstrates their patient experience platform which strives to bring together all of the patient focused applications in one place.  This includes things like entertainment, movies, relaxation content, and video calling right at the bedside.  Plus, the Zebra tablet with Oneview can be used for other services like video remote interpretation and ordering meals.  They also offer a feature called service requests which is kind of like the nurse call button, but routes requests to the right department who can solve the problem.  This saves the nurse time and gets a quicker response for the patient.  The Oneview system can also be tied to room controls where the patient can control things like lighting or the shades right from the bedside.  They also can gather information from the EMR and present it to the patient.

Check out the video below to see a demo of the Oneview Healthcare bedside software running on a Zebra tablet.