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Oneview Healthcare Introduces U.S. Hospitals to Next Generation Patient Engagement Solution

Global Interactive Patient Engagement and Clinical Workflow Solution Transforms Patient and Clinician Engagement

Oneview Healthcare is expanding rapidly to introduce its next-generation interactive patient engagement and clinical workflow solutions to U.S. hospitals. The interoperable, open platform seamlessly integrates with hospital EHRs, so that patients and hospital staff can access applications at the point of care, including bedside terminals, TVs and tablets.

Research by The Beryl Institute shows that interactive patient engagement systems increase patient satisfaction scores by 10%. Additionally, recently published results from a two-year 32,000-patient study conducted by George Washington University School of Nursing, University of Oregon and Fairview Medical Group demonstrated that those who are more activated in their care have better health outcomes, and that patients with the highest levels of activation had a projected cost 31% lower than those at the lowest activation levels.

“Today’s hospitals are seeking ways to improve satisfaction, outcomes, and efficiency through patient engagement,” said Jeff Fallon, Oneview Healthcare’s President of North America. “Oneview’s interactive patient care system is revolutionizing the patient experience so that hospitals can meet those significant challenges and attract patients that seek the best care.”

Unlike first-generation interactive patient care platforms, the Oneview Healthcare Solution is:

  • Interoperable: As a key Microsoft industry partner in healthcare, Oneview Healthcare’s Windows-based platform easily integrates with the technologies that many hospitals prefer. This interoperable solution allows simpler and more secure integration with existing hospital systems. Oneview’s software development kit and open published APIs enable hospitals to quickly and easily create and deploy their own tools on the platform and to customize the look and feel of these applications. According to Fallon, “many hospitals today are driven to create their own apps, and Oneview provides the platform for them to host these apps at the point of care.”
  • Hardware agnostic: Oneview Healthcare is able to deploy their point-of-care high performance technology platform across all end-user devices using best-of-breed hardware. The solution can be hosted on premises, leveraging the hospital’s existing IT infrastructure, or in the cloud.
  • Global: Oneview Healthcare Solutions have been installed worldwide throughout hospitals in Australia, the Middle East and the United States. The company’s Pittsburgh-area North American headquarters supports its global headquarters in Dublin and complements offices in Dubai, Melbourne, Sydney, San Francisco, Atlanta and soon-opening New York.

 The global reach of Oneview’s operations on four continents uniquely prepares us to provide culturally-relevant engagement to a diverse community of patients,” Fallon noted. “As an example, Oneview’s interface can be delivered in any written language.”

The Oneview Healthcare Solution offers hospitals a variety of benefits, including:

  • Reduced readmission penalties: Oneview clients find that the more informed patients are during their hospital stay, the less likely they are to return within 30 days, which means fewer penalties for readmissions. Oneview’s platform automatically delivers a patient-specific series of educational videos and coaching interactions for each patient based on their diagnosis. For instance, a heart patient can learn about healthy diets and exercise, while a knee replacement patient can learn about swelling and rehabilitation.
  • Increased efficiency: Instead of contacting their nurse for all requests, patients can use Oneview to directly contact the correct department for housekeeping requests or to order food, which frees up doctors and nurses to focus on patient care. This automation of communication also helps to further improve patient satisfaction by making it easier for hospitals to respond promptly to patient needs.
  • Improved satisfaction: Improved satisfaction means higher HCAHPS scores. Not only does the Oneview Healthcare solution engage patients with daily goals and video education, but it also provides world-class entertainment and the ability to communicate with friends, family and the care team, which increases patient satisfaction.

Key features of the Oneview Healthcare Solution include:

  • Content Management: The Oneview content database allows centralized management of all application content on one seamless platform.
  • Integration: The HL7 listener will process ADT messages from the hospital information system to build the patient profiles and record locations.
  • Security: The core platform provides a highly secure environment with 256-bit encryption of patient data in transit and at rest.
  • Multimedia: The core platform provides IPTV functionality, along with an Internet browser and the ability to play video files or video streams on any TV, tablet or terminal device.
  • Customized Branding: Two customized user interfaces with multiple language options and a welcome video are included and can be used for different device types or patient groups.
  • Surveys: Hospital staff can easily create custom patient surveys. The results of these surveys are available instantly, enabling real-time decision-making by hospital managers.
  • Open APIs and Software Development Kit: The open APIs and SDK make this solution fully extensible and enable customers and third parties to develop applications for the core platform.