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Oneview Healthcare plc Awarded ISO 27701 Certification

Sydney, 6th August 2021. Oneview Healthcare plc is pleased to announce that it has today been awarded ISO 27701 certification. This is in addition to the ISO 27001 certification which Oneview was awarded on 26th March 2021.

Oneview’s ISO 27701 certification was awarded by Certification Europe, an internationally accredited certification body, following a rigorous independent audit of Oneview’s systems, facilities and processes. Per certification Europe’s website: “ISO 277-1:2019 is the first international standard that deals with privacy information management. The standard will assist organisations to establish, maintain & improve a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) by enhancing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on the requirements of the ISO 27001 and guidance of ISO 27002. It can be used by all organisations irrespective of their size, complexity or the countries they operate in.”

Oneview has designed its ISMS ad PIMS to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Oneview client data at all times, including all departments and products, supported from our global headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

“As a global company we must comply with data privacy legislation in multiple jurisdictions, including GDPR in Europe, HIPAA in the US, Australian Privacy ACT, APEC Privacy Framework etc. The PIMS allows us to manage these requirements in a structured and consistent manner” commented Oneview’s Head of Information Security, Richard Eibrand.

Oneview’s CTO Declan Bright added, “Oneview began a journey in May 2019 to substantially increase our investment in security and data privacy improvements across our solutions. Addressing data privacy is just as important as addressing security. I’m extremely proud of our team for achieving this significant milestone. Achieving compliance with ISO 27701 provides an additional level of confidence that we are safe-guarding patient data entrusted to us by our customers.”

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This announcement was authorised by the Board of Oneview Healthcare plc.

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