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Bedside technology one of the keys to combatting COVID-19

Oneview launches new solution to enable “virtual rounds” and “virtual visits”

16 April 2020, Sydney, Australia: As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, it is evident that doctors and nurses in hospitals and aged care facilities urgently need to free up time to provide more critical care to patients who need it. Furthermore, patients, residents, families and caregivers are desperate to maintain contact during periods of isolation.

Bedside technology is one of the ways to help provide clinicians with the digital tools to stay connected with patients while minimising physical contact. It is also a means to help hospital patients, aged care residents and their families and friends stay connected when they may be prohibited from face-to-face physical contact.

ASX-listed Oneview Healthcare PLC (ASX: ONE) is moving quickly to help healthcare providers and care organisations in Australia and the US cope with the COVID-19 crisis. It has launched a cloud-based managed tablet solution, Oneview Cloud for COVID-19, that enables virtual rounds; virtual visitations (allows patients to call friends and family); and a virtual interpretation service. The tablet also provides patients with up-to-date information on COVID-19, as well as education and entertainment content. Other Android applications can be added as required.

Hospital and aged care services clinicians often make hundreds of “rounds” per day to ensure that patients are being monitored properly. This is extremely difficult during a pandemic because of the need for clinicians to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), which is in short supply. A tablet with an application enabling “virtual rounds” helps eliminate unnecessary exposure between clinicians and patients, preserving scarce PPE.

When a patient is discharged, the tablet is digitally wiped of all user data, sanitised, and is ready for the next patient.

The goal is to keep patients, clinicians and families connected and enable hospitals and other care facilities that don’t already have aOneview system or other form of mobile bedside monitoring to rapidly roll out the solution.

NYU Langone Health, a leading healthcare system in New York, where the COVID-19 crisis has been escalating rapidly, is currently deploying Oneview’s newly launched Cloud for COVID-19 tablet solution, with 370 tablets across four of its hospitals.

Oneview is also working with its clients, including Mater Group in Brisbane and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in Sydney, to deploy virtual rounding and virtual visitation on their existing Oneview platforms.

“Healthcare organisations are having to rapidly adapt now to ensure they can deploy critical resources where they are needed the most. It’s really important work and the COVID-19 tablet solution will make a real difference where it’s needed most right now,” says Oneview CEO James Fitter.

“The feedback we have been getting from both clinicians and patients at the NYU hospital has been very, very positive. I’m proud of how our team has responded to this crisis, working hard to support our clients and launch the Cloud for COVID-19 solution.”

Oneview’s COVID-19 solution is designed for rapid deployment and can implemented without any new infrastructure (assuming there is Wi-Fi in place), without on-premise servers, and without Oneview staff needing to come on-site.

Oneview’s Care Experience Platform is already contracted in about 55 hospitals in Australia, Thailand, the Middle East and the US, with over 11,000 beds under contract.