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Niall O'Neill
February 2nd, 2019

“Making” Innovation Happen at HIMSS19

There’s one thing healthcare is not short of. People who have the ideas – and the will – to innovate patient care. When you think about it, it’s simple, and an easy mission to get behind. Health is part of all our lives, and advances in medicine and care directly impact us and the people we love.

We traditionally see those innovative ideas come to fruition in places like academic medical centers, where bridges between the way things are done and the way things will be done are built. But innovation can happen anywhere.

As a healthcare technology company, innovation is the fuel for our growth. When our founder, Mark McCloskey, started the company, he did so – as all great entrepreneurs do – on a wing and a prayer. He did not have a vast R&D budget, or an innovation team, or any of the resources that many big technology companies have now. What he had was an idea, and the will to make a solution – and our early clients say they chose us because we were agile. We listened to them and built quickly.

Today, we’re bigger, but that spirit of making is still at our core. We are constantly building and releasing software, and getting it into the hands of users for feedback. This means we can innovate and adapt quicker. Furthermore, because we’re a platform, our clients can also build their own solutions on Oneview, innovating at their own speed.

This year, we’re going back to basics at HIMSS and focusing on the fundamentals. There’s no shortage of “innovation” at HIMSS – of glitz and gloss. But we want to bring it back to what really makes patient care better. Listening. Thinking. Building.

That’s why I’m excited that innovator and maker Chuck Webster will be bringing his makerspace to our space at HIMSS. Chuck will need no introduction to anyone who is participates (or even lurks!) in healthcare social media. He is a prolific thinker, innovator and connector.

Makerspaces are a rising movement with the goal of bringing people together to listen, think and build. They’re not about building rocket ships, but about building small, working prototypes. In Chuck’s words: “They need to be part of, and contribute to, a growing, enabling, and empowering ecosystem of creative healthy healthcare invention.”

So why am I excited?

together we create

  • Well firstly, I’m excited to meet Chuck! Is there anyone in our industry who knows more about healthcare workflow, and the innovation that is driving workflow improvement and transformation? As we think about a future in which technology – including artificial intelligence, sensors and robotics – will play an ever greater role in the operation of care, I’m looking forward to discussing the implications for workflow and for human agency and relationships.
  • I’m excited to meet the curious people who come along to take part in the makerspace, and to hear their ideas. Sometimes the best ideas, the most exciting innovation, comes out of discussions about seemingly unrelated areas. HIMSS can be overwhelming, so I believe having this space that people can come to, and really think about what makes patient care better, will spark great discussions and great ideas. Speaking of which, don’t forget to share your answers to #OneviewOneQ.
  • Finally, I’m excited to build! Innovation is exciting. But it’s also hard, and it takes time. Think about the time it takes to bring a drug to market, to build new software, or even to implement a new piece of software for your hospital. Sometimes when you’re caught up in these cycles, it can feel like an endless slog, and impact can feel out of reach. This is why I love to cook on the weekends, because you can make a dish in an hour or so and (hopefully) see the impact on your family as they enjoy it! Sometimes we need the little win of making something and seeing an immediate result.

I hope to meet you there!

To learn more about Chuck Webster and his Virtual Healthcare Makerspace, visit

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