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Sunday Business Post: Healthy Start to Health Tech’s Global Domination Plans

By Roisin Burke
Sunday Business Post

I had a coffee with the guys who run the Dublin-based health tech business Oneview this week, catching them between flights as they jet around the world putting that $7 million they’ve raised to good use.

They’re just back from the launch of the $1.6 billion UCSF medical center in Silicon Valley where founder Mark McCloskey rubbed shoulders with Bill Clinton and the Valley titan billionaire Marc Benioff.

Oneview’s system has been deployed throughout the three state-of-the-art hospitals there, providing what here at home seems like wildly futuristic technology, to do everything from manage patients’ records to letting them play video games.

Part of the US president’s Obamacare mission is the efficient digitisation of medical records, which makes Oneview’s global expansion timing pretty healthy. Microsoft, HP and Intel have all chosen Oneview as a partner in systems for hospital and post-hospital care that work on smart devices.

McCloskey built up ATM operator EasyCash, while Aussie former investment banker James Fitter is chief executive.

The senior team includes Bill Gates’s former right-hand-man Daniel Petre, and top former Cisco and HP executives; Ryanair director James Osborne is chairman. Its backers are mainly high net worth individuals and investors from Fitter’s Australian, Middle Eastern and Asian contacts book.

Last week, a new €300 million cancer hospital in Sydney went live with Oneview’s systems. Contract negotiations with a major medical center in New York are going on. About eight client hospitals are due to go live this year.

Each setup gives revenue in the region of €3 million to €5 million per facility, and there’s a pipeline of work for the next three years, Fitter tells me.

The as yet unexplored territory of Europe, where there has been interest from countries like Germany, could prompt another fundraise. Fitter spent most of July in Silicon Valley and met with several high-profile venture capital names there.