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Microsoft News: Future of the Patient Journey in Asia

An excerpt from ‘Future of the patient journey in Asia’
By Gabe Rijpma, Senior Director Health & Social Services, Microsoft Asia
To read the full article, please visit the Microsoft Asia News Center website.

More engagement with patients across the patient journey

An empowered and engaged patient is likely to respond better to treatment. Oneview Healthcare helps healthcare providers engage patients throughout the continuum of care with its Patient Experience solution. Patients get to understand their care program better to achieve desired results. The solution assigns medical education, options to order meals or seek help from nurses, and enables patients and care teams to track progress online.

In fact, a study done at Epworth HealthCare, the largest not-for-profit private health care group in Australia’s state of Victoria, found that patients and families that used the Patient Experience solution to prepare for discharge with video education, goal completion and real-time collaboration with their care teams, experienced a six percent reduction in average length of stay at the hospital.

Oneview Healthcare and Microsoft have partnered from the start, since Oneview’s inception more than nine years ago. Every Oneview end user device runs on Windows, while its backend is built on SQL platform, ensuring seamless and secure integration of patient data.