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IT Brief: Digital tech – The Answer to Aussie Healthcare’s Biggest Ailments?

IT Brief Australia writes about the importance of digital technology in the healthcare field and its ability to increase efficiency, improve patient outcomes and improve patient experience.

An excerpt from ‘Digital tech – the answer to Aussie healthcare’s biggest ailments?’
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In Australia, it’s expensive to ensure good health, with approximately 10 per cent of GDP or $160 billion a year being spent on healthcare and the Medicare levy set to rise further in the coming years.

Despite the costs of healthcare being high, the medical outcomes in Australia are outstanding. In the OECD, Australia rates 6th for life expectancy and Australian healthcare is considered better than many other developed countries.

However, a Catch-22 becomes apparent – it’s the very leaps in modern medicine that mean our lives are generally longer and more healthy that has led to an aging population, which typically needs more medical services and care provision.

The battle now is to increase efficiencies, allowing us to retain our outstanding healthcare despite the draining effects our aging population on the infrastructure and resources.

To maintain standards, the healthcare sector needs to increase efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and improve the patient experience.

To read the full article, please visit the IT Brief Australia website.