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March 12th, 2019

Staff burnout hurts your residents. Technology can help.

Your community needs happy, committed staff. Care Staff interact with residents all day every day. They ensure your residents have everything they need. They make sure the environment is optimized for residents’ biological, psychological and social wellbeing. They’re on the front lines every day – the face of your community and your best brand ambassadors. But staff burnout is a problem many communities face. Luckily, there are simple ways to relieve staff burnout and optimize your community’s operations.

Staff are trying to “do it all.” Simplify their lives.

Community staff are trying to do whatever it takes to make both residents and their employers happy. That’s a lot of people to please on a day-to-day basis. Take stock of the tools and workflows your community is using and think about how to streamline or automate them. Are you pulling reports from multiple systems? Integrate them into one tool so staff don’t have to spend hours on administrative work. Are resident-facing personnel constantly obtaining things for residents? Give residents clear communication pathways to the right resources so staff aren’t relaying messages through internal networks.

Give residents more power.

If your staff are spending long hours performing administrative tasks and doing things residents can do themselves, there’s a simple solution. Give residents more tools to take control of their environment. Residents want more control and independence, and giving them the ability to request services, book appointments or request transportation themselves relieves the burden on your staff.

Give families more power.

Staff also spend a lot of time communicating with families about leasing arrangements, resident statements, resident health and more. Create open communication lines from families to the community via mobile application to make family interactions quick and frictionless. Other industries have embraced self-service culture through technology. Families have come to expect a “tap an app” way to handle their tasks.

Finally, give staff more power.

Everyone, your staff included, uses technology for everything – from ordering food to finding how to get to and from work, to researching ways to do their jobs better. Technology is an excellent a tool for empowerment – delivering information to staff quickly and in a way that’s familiar and easy to understand. When staff have one access point for all their systems and reporting, they spend less time pulling analytics from disparate systems. And when they have one dashboard to show each resident’s complete profile and status, they’re more informed about those they’re caring for, and can provide better, more customized care.

When you digitize your community, you give your staff the tools to prevent task fatigue and the burden of relaying multiple messages, internally and externally. The result? Care staff who are less likely to burn out and who will continue to provide the best care for your residents.

Want to learn more about ways to digitize community functions? Schedule a meeting with  Oneview Healthcare’s Rebeka Rivera at Argentum 2019 to talk all things senior living technology.

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