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for residents, communities and families

Oneview Senior Living is a cloud-based solution that transforms the delivery of services and elevates the overall experience of residents, family and staff. With Oneview, seniors have tools that enhance ability, so they live more fulfilling lives. Families are more connected and informed. Communities have a complete data solution that brings together all existing systems into a single view. And that’s better.

Senior Living: at a glance
Better for residents: enhances ability and fosters holistic well being
Better for communities: brings together data from existing systems into one platform
Better for families: lets families connect with residents and the community
Better for caregivers: allows for better communication and personalized care

Better for residents

Oneview's Senior Living solution lets residents engage at the right ability level, form meaningful connections and experience the things they care about. For example, using Oneview’s senior-friendly interface, residents can order meals, communicate with family and friends, and plan social activities with other residents. It’s a true holistic solution, supporting all areas of relationship-centered wellness — biological, psychological, and social.

Better for communities

Oneview is a platform that works seamlessly with existing technologies. That means facilities can leverage existing systems or add new best of breed solutions. In addition, Oneview brings together data from disparate systems into a single view, providing real-time business intelligence and a clear picture of your whole community. Most important, Oneview’s platform promotes relationship-centered care, connecting the people who matter most to each resident — medical teams, family, friends and community staff.

Better for families and caregivers

Oneview’s Circle of Care app is an interactive tool that makes it easy for family members to stay connected to their loved one’s life and the community. Families can send messages, pictures and videos, or view community information. Circle of Care also lets families communicate with facility nurses and staff.

Oneview Senior Living also benefits community caregivers. They have tools that transform communication, allowing them to deliver personalized care based on each resident’s experiences, well being, needs and feelings.


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